Friday, February 24, 2017

Gloria J Zucaro's " Saturday Workshop with Laura-Lein Svencner".

This past Saturday an artist friend and I enjoyed a one-day workshop with Laura-lein Svencner and 8 other artists. Laura makes beautiful abstract collages that include handmade papers, thread, beads, and organic matter. But the focus for this workshop was abstract landscape collage.  It was so wonderfully organized!  All we brought was our lunch!  Laura had all the supplies for making our own papers and then designing our landscapes from them and heat-tacking them together on watercolor paper.
We each received a large zip-lock bag that held all the papers we would transform with paint, templates and polymer, each picking our own palette and two pieces of watercolor paper to attach our landscapes to. We had taped the edges so that when we removed the tape we had a wonderfully clean white mat effect.
Below are my two finished abstract landscape collages.
I am linking with Paint Party Friday.  Have a great week.~gloria
                     Number One                          Number Two